Web Applications

Trim provides web applications built according to specific customer needs even when they are related to urgent processes, not easily analyzable / express formally and not in compliance with standard models of management.

The realization of so complex projects needs to employ a proven and innovative methodology: to set up a chain involving providers and customers.

Trim applies the principles of Agile methodology: analysts work simultaneously with developers, creating a continuous flow of information, to stimulate an immediate and flowing solutions feedback.

The implementation process is streamlined and shorter, with solutions that fully meet the expectations of our customers concerning quality and efficiency.

Systems realized are assimilated to the customer’s architectonic enterprise contest  thanks to our deep knowledge and system integration ability.

Depending on needs, Trim is able to develop with technology j2ee, php,. NET, nodejs, leaning on relational databases like MySQL, Oracle or MS SQLServer or non-relational databases such as CouchDB and MongoDB.

The great expertise in the development of structured applications using HTML5 and, where necessary, frameworks like Backbone.js and Knockout.js constitutes a strong point.

The realized applications are ready to be simultaneously used by many users. When necessary, we use Cloud hosting services that allow to manage huge traffic loads, to provide a reliable and responsive service to the final user.


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