Mobile (iOS-Android) applications

The development of mobile applications is a very attractive business for companies which want to approach the market with marketing and communication strategies that exploit the power of social media.

Firms can reach their customers or potential customers for example providing them services or informing them about news through mobile devices.

Trim is able to develop mobile applications, making the best use of the latest technology available in this field, to support the customer in all the phases of the application.

- Design;

- Choice of store where the app will be published (Google Play Store, Apple Store, Windows App Store);

- Careful selection of technologies to be used (native application directed to the individual store, or HTML5 application to be published on all stores);

- Development (native on platforms iOS, Android or even using html5 portable across all platforms);

- Publication;

- Support post publication;

We often develop a backend as a support of the application (and that is created) to provide data to the application and monitor the interaction with the user.

Trim usually develops the backend using scalable  REST architectures with TDD methodology.

Depending on the needs Trim is able to develop with technology j2ee, php and nodejs and with relational databases like MySQL or databases non-relational such as CouchDB.



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